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October 12, 2007


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Tom W.

Jason, what's fascinating to me is that big energy - including southern big energy - is moving firmly into the Gore camp on carbon emissions. And then there's Jeb Bush's successor Charlie Crist, a Republican, who did a big deal to build massive alternative energy facilities in Florida - and took pleasure in announcing the deal with Clinton and Gore at CGI. Times are a changin'.

Tony Alva

Why hasn't Gore gotten behind any of the Dem cadidates out on the stump?

BTW Jason, blog when ever you feel like it, just don't give it up entirely. I check back here every week. Would have loved to heaar about breaking 90. I'm at 92 and haven't been close to that in a long time.


Well said.


Jason Chervokas

TA, yeah, had 3 rounds in the 80s this season (all on a pretty easy course) and a couple of rounds w/ chances to break 90 where I finished poorly.

Hard to put it all together. Early in the season I was putting great. Later my wedge play was outstanding. Later, when I started hitting the long sticks, my short game completely disappeared. My experience of quitting golf and taking it up again may be worth blogging.

Oswegan, thanks. Did you see the NYT story about the GOP and Christian split on global warming? Like a follow up to this post.

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