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December 10, 2005


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» No Pryor Conviction: we just lost a good man from James Governor's MonkChips
Theintelligent designerwill surely find a nice corner room with a view for Richard Pryor. The positives massively outweigh the negatives, and Richard's greatest gift, as with so many great comics, was empathy. I would advise you to go read ... [Read More]



What a terrific post. Thank you for articulating so many aspects of Pryor's genius. I think that your emphasis on his empathy is right on the money. Though his social criticism was profound and important in the ways you discuss here, I think that it was his underlying sympathy for the human condition that made him so special.

For the past few days, I've been looking for a remembrance of Pryor that is worthy of his talent. Thank you for ending my search.

Lance Mannion

Pryor's message was that nothing couldn't be talked about, nothing couldn't be turned into a laugh. " a great motivator."

This was a way of saying there was nothing we couldn't get on top of, if we were brave enough and honest enough.

A fine post, Jason.

Terry Parkhurst

I just got through reading a piece from a columnist with the Cox News Service on Richard, before reading your piece. I think you did a better job of cutting to the core of why any of us were the better for listening to Richard's work. You might want to pursue getting a newspaper column and use this piece as an example of your work. Best regards from the States.


Thank you Terry. I actually used to do that for a living.

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